B - Spindle Mattress

B-STOCK: Natural Latex Mattress - Medium Only

You can expect Spindle's B-stock merchandise to perform in the same manner as our 1st quality products. The materials contains cosmetic flaw that will not affect comfort or durability.

Latex may have significant variations in color; manufacturing marks; burn marks; tears; stains; damage from handling; or other imperfections.

Covers may have variations in color; a machine stain/marking from the weaving or sewing process; a skipped or extra stitch; or an iron-on patch to repair a defect caused during the weaving, knitting or sewing process.

These are not returns or repackaged goods. Spindle only sells new products that have been neither previously sold to nor used by anyone. As stated in our return process and comfort adjustment policy, we do not take back used product into our facility.

The prices reflect a 20% discount and may not be combined with any other offer. Listed price is the lowest price possible. 

Includes a 5 year warranty.

No returns. No comfort adjustment. Sold as-is.

Limited quantity.  First come, first serve.

Only available in Medium firmness and Queen or King size.  No other options available.

First Layer Medium - 3" Natural Latex Layer
Second Layer Medium - 3" Natural Latex Layer
Third Layer Firm - 3" Natural Latex Layer